Krishnashtami Subhakankhalu,Wishing All the Viewers Happy Krishnashtami

Vasudeva Sutam  Devam –  Kansa Chanoora Mardanam
Devaki Paramanadam    –  Krisham Vande Jagadgurum
This day happens to be the most blessed and adorable day of the advent of Bhagavan Sri Krishna, which goes by the name of Sri Krishna Janmashtami.Janmashtami (also called Gokulastami) is the joyful celebration of Lord Krishna’s birth.Mazor celebrations of Krishna Janmashtami takes place at midnight.Historically, Lord krishna appeared in the Dwapara Yuga, on the midnight of the 8th day of the Krishna Paksham, month of Sravana and star of Rohini.
Sri Krishna is considered as Jagatguru.  He is the teacher of all teachers.The guru of all gurus, Krishnam Vande Jagadguru.There is no guru equal to him.The festivel celebrated across the length and breadth of India by people following Hinduism. Infact, it is an important day for Hindus. Lord Krishna was the incarnation of Vishnu. Born in prison of Demon Kansa,from Kansa’s sister Devaki and Vasudeva.
The birth of Lord Krishna by fasting and feasting, Krishna has the supreme power of attraction by his words,his sport,his music and all his actions. He attracts all people. Finally, just in time for Krishna’s birthday aclear explanation of what “Supreme Personality of God Hed”, actually means Krishna is never ‘born’ and never ‘dies’ like the rest of us.
He does appear on earth in extraordinary ways. It is the deep faith and devotion of people towards him that the festival is still celebrated. Devotees make various dishes during the fast, they make milk and milk products during the fast.This because Lord Krishna was particularly fond of milk and butter. Sweet dishes are also made.
                                                   Sri Krishna In Our House


    Gunakaram Subhakarm Krupakarm  Krupanavam
  Sada Sukhaika dayakam Namami gopadayakam
    Samasta Dosha soshanam Samasta Loka toshana
    Samasta Dasa manasam Namami Krisha balakam
To day We celebrate krishnashami in our house.We make some dishes for naivedyam to Bhagavan Sri Krishna. Krishna likes Atukulu very much. We prepare curd poha, poha with lemon  & coconut poha.

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